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Find Balance
& Simplicity

Our physiology is NOT set in stone. I'd like to help you achieve more wellness

& joy!

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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

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Group Events / Ceremony

Sacred Fun

Score an invite to an upcoming ceremony:

  • Matcha Ceremony Events

  • Cacao Ceremony Events

  • Special Moon Gatherings

  • Solstice & Equinox Events

Attend a gathering for somatic movement:

  • Movement as Medicine

  • Ecstatic / Elemental Dance

  • Unique Asana - Yoga

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Oracle Readings

Using my favorite Oracle Deck, by the fabulous Cara Elizabeth. Oracle readings are an option during sessions!

Your Celestial Self

Gain insights about yourself and others! Personalized Birth Charts and Astrological Placement Booklet's are available.

Discovery Session

Shifting your perspective & adding simple lifestyle changes will enhance your life. I'll help you discovery what is missing.

Lotus in Bloom

Learn More

Optional add-ons


Sound Session Instruments

The combination of sounds that originate from the various instruments deliver vibrational balance and purifying frequencies to the body: Tibetan Metal Signing Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Peruvian Rattles, the Kalimba, Tongue Drum, Shaman Drum, Ocean Drum, Forest Flute, Babbling Brook, Thunder Quake, Rain Sticks, Tuning Forks, Chakra-Balance Signing Bowls.  


Nuero-Intuitive Touch

With an emphasis on improving lymphatic flow, clearing stagnant energy along meridian lines, and also soothing undefined-unspoken trauma. Our bodies are literally shaped by our environment; consider posture. We have all experienced trauma, at times we were unable to define it, but none-the-less we still carry its residue in our nervous system. Let's clear it up!


Uniquely-You Yoga

Time for a new path? The way I see it, Yoga is the union between yourself and your higher-Self. Our breathe (source) weaves through our body in new and profound ways when we practice intentional movement. After-effects include inner harmony, renewed confidence, flexibility and strength. A personalized and unique approach towards Yoga is the key to unlocking the most benefit. After an exploration phase together, we develop your personal at-home flow that integrates breathe-work, meditation and poses that resonate with you the most.


Reiki Energy / Reflexology

Reiki is a gentle gift of healing energy, that unlocks the potential for profound healing and inner balance. Reiki offers a transformative journey where stress melts away, harmony is restored, and your body's innate ability to heal itself is awakened. Promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, a Reiki add-on is a worthy investment on your journey to wellness. Reflexology, also offers a multitude of potential benefits that support the body's natural healing processes. Using the foot as a map can be helpful for targeting underlying issues.

The 'higher' you VIBE, the more you shape your environment - the 'lower' you VIBE, the more your environment shapes you.


Let's Talk!

Wood Street, Newaygo, MI

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