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Sound Bath Experience

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Sound Sessions

Sound therapy comes with a lot of science to back it up, especially regarding how
vibrations and different frequencies effect our bodies.


Using singing bowls, and other healing instruments, we create frequencies and soothing vibrations that help you to deeply relax and melt away stress.


Sound vibrations are the only thing tiny enough to penetrate deep into the body, at a cellular level even. At this profoundly subtle level, these resonate frequencies have the power to help clear away the knots deep in our soul, the areas of stored trauma and tension that go beyond what our hands can reach in a traditional muscle massage.

This calming experience makes us feel more at peace, while the healing frequencies balance energies, clear away stagnation and improve our overall well-being.


The goal is to lead the body towards a state of being where it functions more harmoniously - this is the natural result when we resonate at more ideal frequencies.


My intentions are to help you achieve profound peace and refreshing clarity. I also stay open to the possibilities for transformative and spontaneous healing to come through.

Please reach out to Sadie with any other questions or concerns:

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