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Hello from Sadie

I love people, and deeply appreciate diversity - each person has their own unique  Grit & Shine!

Each of us comes with our own unique set of challenges and dispositions, but the source of wholeness and wellness is the same for all of us. I'd love to help you:

-Shift your thought patterns

-Enrich your daily lifestyle
-Adjust your eating habits

-Soothe your physiology with sound
-Clear your energy using Reiki energy healing
-Balance your bodies systems and chakras

-Stimulate lymph flow

-Develop your own at home yoga practice

I've always had an unquenchable curiosity for achieving physical homeostasis, i.e. optimal wellness. I have had life-changing experiences with healing modalities, movement as medicine and meditation rituals.


I've studied 'eating for nourishment' my entire life, and use nature for holistic health approaches. I love sharing simple health tips, natural remedies and guidance towards greater wellness and peace.


While studying Myomassology, (with Irene Gauthier, in Southfield, MI), I learned powerful modalities that equipped me with insight into our ability to soothe the energetic body, and nurture the nervous system; in doing so, we can experience a greater sense of wellness in our physiology.


It was at that time that I developed my standard of measurement for success - and that standard of measurement is how comfortable does a person feel in their body. My intention HERE & NOW is to use my surplus of experience and knowledge to help others feel more comfortable in their bodies.


I am a safe place for you to talk about and share your current struggles; actually, the more I know the better because often times there are correlations between our physical & emotional challenges. The insights that come through me, for my clients, provide them with meaningful shifts in perspective.

Empowerment and peaceful-ease are balanced on the fulcrum of what I aim to help my clients achieve. I am currently earning my MA in Consciousness and Human Potential, HERE & NOW, and I am also practicing to give full experiential sound-bath sessions for groups of people.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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